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The TOP 10 countries in Europe compared from 2015 to 2030


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Despite all numerous crises between 2020 and 2022 the kitchen market has developed differently in all TOP 10 countries. However, the trade is benefiting from the strong demand.

The growing contract business for bathroom furniture is booming worldwide and end customers are benefiting from the complete price transparency of products through the continuously growing E-Commerce.

The future development is difficult. The general conditions for the bathroom continue to send positive signals. The volume of new construction was at a high level until 2021 and is now suffering considerably from inflation and high interest rates in 2023. However, the volume for modernization and renovation is enormous and will be gladly implemented by very many end customers in the second half of their live.

Of course, the development of the war in Ukraine, the political situation in the middle east as well as the new banking crisis emerging in spring 2023 may influence the sales situation.

In our analysis, we assume that these global political problems will have an influence in 2023, but by 2024 at the latest, the development will gain the upper hand again. And this will be driven less by new construction and more by the huge potential of bathroom renovation. For us, these are very positive reasons to take a comprehensive look at the development of the bathroom furniture market up to 2030.

In this study, we analyse the status quo and document the key future trends from the perspective of retailers and end customers up to 2030. We pay particular attention to the importance of distribution channels in each country, especially E-commerce. The expected trends in the product range and sales are also at the centre of attention.

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